DaVinci Resolve Studio 16.2 ladattavissa

DaVinci Resolve Studio 16.2 on ladattavissa tästä.

Uutta versiossa 16.2

• Improved usability in Fairlight timeline editing.
• Improved Blackmagic Fairlight sound library.
• New automatic sorting of effects and plug-ins.
• Improved immersive 3D surround sound bussing and monitoring.
• Fairlight audio editing track index improvements.
• Improved AAF import and export.
• Improved import of older legacy Fairlight projects.
• Multiple improvements in audio mixing and FairlightFX filters.
• Major improvements in the Fairlight console audio editor.
• Improved transport control on the Fairlight console audio editor.
• New editing features including loading and switching timelines.
• Improved media pool with faster copy and paste of clips.
• New color grading features including smart filters and more.
• Improved file format support for new cameras and standards