Welcome to Fusion for Editors

Fusion for Editors is part of Mediatrade’s DaVinci Resolve Online Socials series. Our experienced trainer for the event is Rory Cantwell and the webinar will be held in English.

Time and place

ZOOM online webinar (ZOOM account is not required, only registration for the event)
29th of September at 13:00
Duration: Maximum 2 hours


In the current post production world many editors are required to do their own motion graphics, compositing, and shot clean up. This session introduces editors to the Fusion Page and how they can get to grips with Fusion’s powerful tool set.

This session includes:
• An introduction to nodes and building a composition
• Shot clean up using the Time Strecher, Paint tools and Planar Tracker
• 3D Titling and animating
• Creating a template
• Chroma keying
• Grading separate VFX plates in the Color Page.


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