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"Mini Matte Box MMB-2 double 4""x5.65"" LWS Set"

ARRI:n kevyt ja kompakti Matte Box still ja cinelinsseille.

The ARRI MMB-2 is a compact and lightweight matte box for use clamped onto a lens or on lightweight 15 mm rods. 

With a wide range of available accessories, the MMB-2 is a fully featured matte box that fits well with the latest lightweight digital cameras.

Main Features

  • Basic version for one 4" x 4" / 4.5" round filter frame and one 4" x 5.65" / 4" x 4" frame
  • Double version replaces one 4" x 4" / 4.5" round filter frame with a 4" x 5.65" / 4" x 4" frame
  • Rear stage fully rotatable
  • Can be supported by 15 mm LWS rods or clamped directly onto the camera lens
  • Suitable for lenses with a front diameter of up to 114 mm
  • Adapter rings for moving zoom lenses available
  • Handgrips attachable directly to the matte box
  • Viewfinder / accessories adapter available
  • Snap-in set of masks of different sizes to avoid flares
  • Top flag holder included, side flag holders optional

Double LWS Set sisältää:

  • K2.66169.0 1x MMB-2 Basic Module double 4"x5,65"
  • K2.66133.0 2x F4 Filter Frame Combo 4"x5,65"/4"x4"
  • K2.66127.0 1x Lightweight Support Console for MMB-2
  • K2.66093.0 1x Top Flag for MMB-1/MMB-2

Tuotekoodi: K0.60152.0


950,00 € alv 0%

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