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Tuotekoodi: KSDS08-AXM


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FOCUS 8 2-stage SDS ALU System

Cartonin SDS jalustat parantuivat entisestään !  Suosittu SMART STOP tekniikka lisää kokonaisuuteensa SMART LOCK keskitason levittimen. Patentoitu "no-bind" mekanismi takaa levittimen helpon ja nopean käytön sekä turvaa jalustan kaatumisilta. 
Jalustat on saatavilla joko alumiinista tai hiilikuidusta valmistettuina. 

The SDS system expands on the famous SMART STOP two stage/single lever tripod technology with the addition of new SMART LOCK mid-level spreader, featuring a patented “no-bind” mechanism for quick spread and collapse capability.

Combined, these Smart-features create the most intelligent and fastest deployed tripod in the industry.

Easily identifiable by its characteristic red rod trigger mechanism and ergonomic carry handle, the SDS 100mm tripod is available in both Aluminum and Carbon Fiber.

When paired with the FOCUS line of Fluid Heads, they become essen al systems for Broadcast ENG, Documentary Film, Content Creation or any application where quick setup and teardown is required. 

FOCUS 8 Fluid Head assembled with 1 handle, 2 stages aluminium Smart Stop Tripod, Smart Lock mid-level Spreader and rubber feet. This System includes a soft bag.

Payload Capacity 8.00 kg 
18 lbs
Total Weight 6.70 kg 
14.8 lbs
Tripod Material Alumunium
Number of stages 2
Spreader Mid-level Smart Lock
Minimum Height (Head to ground) 66.00 cm 
26 "
Maximum Height (Head to ground) 160.00 cm 
63 "

Tuotekoodi: KSDS08-AXM


1350,00 € alv 0%

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