IDX CUE-D300 on varustettu kaksinkertaisella koteloinnilla, joka takaa rakenteellisen lisäsuojan sekä erillisen lisäsuojan  akun sisäisiä vuotoja vastaan.

Paino: 1600g
Kapasiteetti: 286Wh
Mitat: (W) 97 mm × (H) 146 mm × (D) 79 mm

Product Features:

  • 286Wh capacity
  • Capable of handling up to 14A loads ‡
  • (1) 100W D-Tap Output (unregulated)
  • 5 Power Indicator LEDs
  • Battery circuit protection ensures the CUE-D300 is fully protected against common causes of battery misuse, guarding against over charge, over discharge, and over current.
  • The highest grade Lithium Ion cells are used to ensure the CUE-D300 is one of the most reliable batteries on the market.
  • 11V auto cut-off prevents over-discharging (while load is applied)
  • Compatible with all ENDURA V-Mount Battery chargers (firmware update may be required on certain charger models)
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable