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Tuotekoodi: OR-32


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Orca OR-32 audio mixer laukku on suunniteltu Zaxcom Nomad 4,6, 8 ja 12 mixereitä varten ja Sound Devices 552, 664, 664 plus CL6, 788T plus CL8 ja 664 plus laitteita varten ja kuutta langatonta lähetintä varten.


The ORCA OR-32 Audio Mixer Bag was designed for the following mixers: the Zaxcom Nomad 4, 6, 8, and 12, and the Sound Devices 552, 664, 664 plus CL-6,  788T plus CL-8, and 664 plus up to six wireless transmitters.



  • Inside lining made from bright blue brushed polyester for easy equipment viewing
  • External aluminum frame and internal honeycomb frame for maximum gear protection
  • Ventilated using EVA foam
  • Unique battery pocket with extra rubber battery fittings
  • Two large pockets for audio accessory storage
  • Two detachable external pouches and nine rubber bands to hold wireless systems of any size
  • Detachable carrying handles and shoulder strap
  • Front bungee cords to hold boom pole or cables
  • Can be connected to an Orca harness to ease user’s load
  • Orca “lifts” that can be used to adjust mixer height within the bag
  • Unique sliding system to help secure and position mixer inside the bag
  • Transparent TPU top cover for easy equipment viewing
  • Easy equipment access from all six directions

Tuotekoodi: OR-32


394,35 € alv 0%

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